Truck Accidents

Many companies use trucks and trailers of all sizes to transport the goods they sell. The trucks and trailers weigh much more than an automobile and when a collision occurs, it can leave the drivers and passengers of automobiles severely injured.

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration has hours of service rules for commercial truck drivers:

-Drivers shall drive no more than 11 hours consecutively.
-Drivers should have no more than 14 hours of consecutive on-duty which includes loading or unloading the truck, maintenance and paperwork.
-Drivers should have no more than 60 hours on duty for the previous seven days or no more than 70 hours on-duty for the 8 previous days.

These rules were enacted to reduce fatigue-related accidents and improve driver health. Drivers must keep a log book which shows their off duty, sleeper berth, driving and on duty times. In accidents involving motor vehicles and trucks, the driver’s log books can be used to establish a case of driver negligence if the driver was not following the rules.

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