Rear End Collisons

A car accident occurs every thirty seconds in the United States. Many of the car accidents involve negligent drivers that rear-end cars directly in front of them on roads or freeways. Many times, the negligent driver failed to keep his eyes on the road and negligently caused the collision.

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Rear-end car accidents, even those at low speeds, can cause fractures and lead to debilitating neck and back injuries. Many victims of rear-end car accidents require intensive physical therapy. In Illinois, the driver that caused the rear-end collision is usually at fault. Therefore, always call the police and file a police report if you are rear-ended.

At Komar Law, our attorneys are experienced in litigating cases against negligent drivers and they have recovered millions of dollars for victims of all types of car accidents. Our Automobile Accident Attorneys work aggressively and diligently to recover the most amount for you and your family.

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