Pass School Bus

Pass a school  bus  traffic violation or ticket can have serious consequences by suspending your license.  Call an experienced traffic attorney Peter Komar, at Komar Law at 312-671-5555.

Here at Komar Law, Peter has  handled many passing a school Bus violations.  Your license may become suspended due to the amount of traffic violation on your drivers abstract and then having a passing a school bus violation on your record. Do not let another attorney plead you guilty.  The reason a suspended license becomes a felony is due to the amount of convictions for the offense.  It could also happen after the second time caught with a suspended license after too many moving violations.

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We defend every case as aggressively as possible regardless of the severity of the crime because the attorneys from Komar Law understand how life altering a traffic  conviction can be.

Passing A School Bus Attorney at the Komar Law group have extensive experience defending client charged with a serious traffic violation.

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I am an Experienced Chicago traffic ticket Lawyer that has been working with the correct defenses so you can possibly have the charges dropped.

If you are under 21 years of age this can have great consequences upon your driving privileges.  You can possibly have your license suspended, big court fines, loss of your car and possibly effect the price of your auto insurance.  You need an Experienced Chicago traffic ticket attorney to help you with this case.

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