Domestic Violence

Domestic violence cases can have dramatic consequences such as jail time, or if you are an undocumented alien, deportation. On top of that, the community will look negatively upon a person who has been accused of domestic violence. An experienced criminal defense attorney is required to help fight for your rights in the courtroom and ultimately restore your reputation in the community. Domestic Violence Attorneys from Komar Law  have experience in a variety of domestic violence cases, including:

• Spousal Abuse
• Restraining orders (Order of Protection)
• False Domestic Violence Charges

Generally, a spousal abuse charge involves the act of unlawfully and knowingly touching or injuring a spouse, significant other, or family member. The charge can include physical or emotional abuse, threats, stalking, or any other type of harassment. Depending on the specifics of the case, a spousal abuse charge could result in a misdemeanor or felony charge. A person convicted of spousal abuse will have fines and anger management courses.

You must visit a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to help keep these costs down.

A Criminal Defense Attorney in Chicago from Komar Law, Peter Komar is an experienced Domestic Violence Attorney in Chicago who can help his clients with spousal abuse cases, restraining orders and false domestic violence charges. Call our Chicago Criminal Defense Attorneys at (312)-671-5555 for a free consultation!