Civil Rights

At Komar Law, we fight for our clients civil rights, If you have been violated, harmed, brutality, misconduct by Police Officers or Law Enforcement, Call Komar Law. You need a Experienced Professional Chicago Civil Rights Attorney to help you with your case, Attorney Peter Komar will help you. As an experienced chicago police brutality attorney, there may be  fair and reasonable compensation for your damages, including your physical injuries, the emotional trauma and the medical expenses incurred.  Call Komar Law to talk to a  Chicago Civil Rights Lawyer, Peter Komar to help you at 312-671-5555 as there are more and more chicago police abuse cases occuring. I am a Civil Rights Attorney for police misconduct and unlawful search and seizure. I deal with False Arrest, Coerced Confession and Due Process Violations, you need an experienced Civil Rights Attorney.

Illinois law allows compensation for damages for violations of privacy, trespass, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and violations of your rights.

Call 24/7 for a Civil Rights Attorney, Peter Komar at Komar Law , 312-671-5555