Violent Crimes

Being charged with a violent crime is a serious matter and requires an expert domestic violence attorney. Over the past 6 years, Peter Komar has defended clients against both murder and attempted murder charges, as well as countless assault and battery charges in-and-around Chicago, Illinois. We defend every case as aggressively as possible regardless of the severity of the crime because the attorneys from Komar Law understand how life altering a violent crime conviction can be.

Violent Crime Lawyers at the Komar Law group have extensive experience defending client charged with a variety of violent crimes, including:

• Assault and Battery, including aggravated charges
• Domestic Violence
• Murder
• Attempted Murder

Felony convictions for any violent crimes will likely result in jail time. It is important you contact an attorney as quickly as you learn you are being charged with a violent crime to make sure that you put forth the best possible defense.

A Chicago Domestic Violence Attorney from Komar Law, Peter Komar is an experienced Chicago Violent Crimes Lawyer who can help his clients with domestic violence cases, assault and battery, and attempted murder. Call (312)-671-5555 for a free consultation with one of our Criminal Defense Attorneys here in Chicago.