If you are having trouble with your status as a legal resident in the United states, or you are facing criminal charges that may result in deportation, contact the Komar Law for the legal representation and guidance from the most experienced attorneys. The Komar Law can help you obtain a visa, or green card, if you are interested in having legal permanent residency in the United States. The process is complex, and the Komar Law will be there to guide you every step of the way.  The Komar Law Group has experience in the following types of visas:

• Employment-based visas
• Family-based visas
• Diversity Lottery visas
• Battered Spouse/Child Self-Petition.
• Non-immigrant (or temporary) visas

The Komar Law also represents clients in deportation proceedings in the Immigration Court and bond hearings. Non US citizens must consider the consequences of a criminal record as a criminal conviction can result in deportation or the denial of citizenship. The deportation process starts when the Department of Homeland Security initiates removal proceedings of a non-citizen for a conviction of a crime. It is important that all non-citizens are represented by a criminal immigration attorney. For a free consultation with an experienced immigration attorney, please contact Komar Law  at 312-671-5555.