Aggravated Speeding

An aggravated Speeding which is 25+ mph or more can suspend your driving privileges.  Call Komar Law  for an Aggravated Speeder Attorney at 312-671-5555.  The effect of an aggravated speeder on ones license driving record can possibly lead to a suspension or even a revocation of driving priveleges and very big fines.  I am anExperienced Chicago traffic ticket Lawyer that has been working with the correct defenses so you can possibly have the charges dropped.  Call me for a free consultation at 312-671-5555

If you are under 21 years of age this can have great consequences upon your driving privileges.  You can possibly have your license suspended, big court fines, loss of your car and possibly effect the price of your auto insurance.  You need an Experienced Chicago traffic ticket attorney to help you with this case.

Call Komar Law for an Aggravated Speeder Attorney at 312-671-5555, For a FREE CONSULTATION. The experience of Peter Komar can help you avoid big fines and penalties associated with the strict laws of Illinois regarding the statute underlying an Aggravated Speeder. DO NOT LET ANOTHER ATTORNEY PLEAD YOU GUILTY. Let the experience and dedication to traffic defense of Attorney Peter Komar guide you through the process.